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Ahmed Al-Hasan's Youth Development Team

We've Started Project since 12 Dec 2019
This was the idea of our brothers in Taleghan
With thanks to brother, who given us the name "Ahmed Al-Hasan's Youth"

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Get To Know Us.

Ahmed Al-Hasan's Youth Development (YDG) was founded by brothers in Iran in 2017. the idea wasn't so big, that was just a wordpress website.

after two years, our brother offers us to develop a huge secure system. also he gave us the name and the structure. (the idea of the this project)
So, we started to work on that idea in 2019, after we've extracted a complete structure, we've started to develop in 2020.
as we hoped, development is not completed. and it will be continue until 2023.
the black dev team joined us since 2021 from india to work on some security layer and to manage network. God bless them.
some brothers and sisters have joined us from Germany, Iran and United kingdom to work on user interface and security.

Note: This project does not belong to anyone. Anyone who wants to claim that I am responsible for this project, in our opinion, is a misguided and liar.
This project belongs to our Lord Imam Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Mahdi and no one else. First of all, we have informed the Mubarak Institute of Warethin and the Office about our work, and they are overseeing the work of the youth of Imam Mahdi by their respective officials. The youth of Ahmad al-Hassan (as) are proud to have started and continued their work with the approval of the institute and the office.
The Ahmed Al-Hassan Youth Project has its official supervisor, who will never speak publicly about this issue for the sake of privacy and security, and will remain unknown forever until the Day of Judgment.

We say to the arrogant and the governments that are trying to destroy us: If you have the ability to carry out your terrorism in all countries, welcome ... Start arresting people so that this project may stop. We also welcome your hackers.

We always say to our brothers and sisters: The youth of Ahmad Al-Hassan are completely transparent in their official positions and have no negligence in these matters. If anyone wants to violate the office of Sayyid Ahmad al-Hassan and his orders and instructions, he is not one of us. We will deal openly and strongly and we will not allow any activity and we will cut off our communication. Because the person in charge of the office oversees the project, please do your best to comply with our rules. Sayyid Ahmad al-Hassan has commanded us to be patient with everyone except those who believe in him while not following the official office and system. So, my brother and sister, we warn you against our harsh and horrible treatment of official administrative affairs.
We are not joking in our actions and there is no negligence. However, those who are to blame do not like it. The official office in Najaf Ashraf is our red line. Sheikh Nazim Al-Aqili and Sayyid Wathiq Al-Husseini and Sheikh Habib Saeedi are the words of our Lord and Father and the owner of our soul and body, Sayyid Ahmad Al-Hassan (peace be upon him). So, in our opinion, the right to accuse them of not understanding what they are saying is blasphemy against God Almighty. Imam Mahdi in his time suffered from us Shiites because of the disobedience to his representatives. I swear to God that the youth of Ahmad Al-Hassan will no longer allow this to happen. If you want to diminish the status of our father's representatives, know that the youth of Ahmad al-Hassan are in ambush.

do not make a mistake! We have not made idols out of these. Rather, his position means that Sayyid Ahmad al-Hassan, on behalf of God Almighty, made full obedience to them obligatory when he said: The word of my representatives is my word. Whatever they tell you is my word and my commandments. Or when he said: The position of my representatives was like the four representatives of Imam Mahdi during his first absence.
These are not jokes and we have not taken these words out of our pockets, so be aware of it.
You know how Sayyid Ahmad al-Hassan commanded us to be patient with the people, the governments and the arrogant. We have swallowed all our anger during this time and we are always like lions in chains wrapped in cages. It seems that the Lord opens the door of the cage when someone wants to attack his representatives. (It will also open the chains when the minor resurrection). So do not try to open the cage door, otherwise you will be injured. And most importantly, fear God.

Huge expenses have been spent for this project. There are young people who spent their lives for this project. Just so they can make their father happy like a child. Yes! It is very small, but nothing for the dignity of our father. But our father is kind. He is a great man. He accepts this small gift. I swear to God that we are right. The Father values ​​us as we do not value ourselves. Our father is beyond our imagination children. But that is the nature of the child. We said to ourselves that my father will surely welcome this great handicraft. Yes, my father will surely smile after seeing this craft after the hardships.

Peace be upon you Ahmad Al-Hassan. Your young people have prepared this small gift. This is a gift from the youth to the young Hashemi, Ali Al-Akbar, peace be upon him. O Lord! It is insignificant for Ali al-Akbar to sacrifice for us, but you are gracious, kind and generous.
O Lord! Accept this gift. Maybe it will reduce our shame and embarrassment towards our young owner, Ali Al-Akbar. O Lord! Fire and hell and torment are more pleasant than this shame.
O our owner! O Ali Al-Akbar! I swear to the pieces of your body in Karbala, we will never forget. Shame on this world. We are in ambush until the day God promised us. I swear to God, we will take revenge. Yes! We will take revenge. We will take revenge on those who dared to aunt Zeinab. Just mention, our heads will be your great offer. Youth and blood in our veins is nothing!
O Sayyid Ahmad Al-Hassan! Release us from the chains to spread the red carpet with our blood in the path of your steps.

what exactly is our project?

Our service is an open API service, that provides huge resource for call of mahdi.

What is Open API?

In contrast to a private API, an open API is publicly available for all developers to access. They allow developers, outside of an organization's workforce, to access backend data that can then be used to enhance their own applications. Open APIs can significantly increase revenue without the business having to invest in hiring new developers making them a very profitable software application. [from wikipedia]

so any developer can build their own apps or websites on our platform.

Wanna join us?

our team is so restricted. so we've some rules for reception.

we cannot accept brothers and sisters from Iran, and Iraq, specialy Brothers from Iran Because of the regime of Iran. As a result, it is very risky for us. This regime tortures many of our brothers in prison and has killed many Iranians and Iraqis in recent years. And this regime has attacked our WordPress sites several times and hacked these websites.

we can only accept those guys who have this abilities:
back end: python, Java, Go, Oracle Databse, machine learning and AI
front end: Angular, Vue.js, Adobe XD

We ended our cooperation with our Iranian brothers in 2022. because one of their team has been arrested. as a result, it was so risky to continue development with them.